Wiseblood Women's Circle


'Wiseblood' is an archetypal name given to a woman who is rooted in her authenticity, intuition and wisdom. She derives this inner power through divine connection to her own body and soul. The Wiseblood Women's Circles are so named because they are intended to help women to harness this beautiful essence within themselves.


In circle, we take time to rest and nurture our mind, body and soul. This is a ceremonial sharing space where we connect with other women. We discuss various topics relating to wellbeing, personal healing, spirituality, and life in general, with each woman having her chance to be seen and heard. You will also be guided through healing meditations and other sacred practices to help connect you with your own inner divinity. 

I look forward to gathering with you!


Much love,

Stephanie xxx

No upcoming events at the moment

"We All Come From The Goddess, And To Her We Shall Return."