Tarot Readings

Tarot holds a mirror up to the inquirer. Like watching a film or listening to a song that resonates, it presents us with those "ah-ha!" moments and reveals great truths from within ourselves. The power of tarot has the ability to cut straight to the core of any issue in a way that helps us understand things on a deeper level. When providing tarot readings, I blend my knowledge and practice of ancient and sacred ceremonial rituals, space-holding, and intuition, to lead us both towards the message that is being communicated to you.


My tarot style is straight to the point and is intended to support you on a quest of self-inquiry and authenticity with all that you do. In other words, you already know the answer - I'm just here to guide you. 

I am available to complete tarot readings in person, over Zoom or over email, depending on your personal preferences and circumstances. One-to-one readings typically take around an hour. If receiving a one-to-one reading, at the end of your reading I will send you an image of the cards I drew and I can also send you a written summary of your reading on request at no extra charge.

Tarot readings cost £30. For this you will receive a 3 card spread from one deck and 1 energy reading card from another deck. 

If you would like to set up a tarot reading with me or have any questions, please use the contact button below.

Much love