Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

A Heart-Centred Approach to Health

As holistic practitioners, we acknowledge the intertwined roles of the mind, body and spirit in your overall state of health. The methods we use to guide you will therefore depend on your individual needs, but we typically draw from our knowledge, training and experience in ancient medicine, holistic health, shamanic practices and modern psychology. 


Depending on your current state of health and what you are looking for, we may work with you on a one-off basis or on a more ongoing basis, such as creating a support plan with regular check-ins to help you make incremental changes.


The support we provide can include any combination of:

  • a diet plan (including personalised recipes) and/or other nutrition support

  • guidance for tracking and healing your menstrual cycle and/or other hormone health guidance

  • general health and lifestyle guidance

  • emotional support using blended spiritual-psychological modalities

  • guided meditation

  • shamanic/energy healing

  • breath work guidance

  • guidance on mobility and healing movements specifically tailored to your body's needs

We typically work as a duo (except in cases where working with one of us one-to-one is more appropriate or preferred), so when you come to us for support, you have the full attention of both of us. As well as having our support for as long as you require it, you will also leave us with lifetime access to guidance materials which you can keep and refer back to whenever required, such as recipe guides. When our work is done, we want you to leave us feeling empowered with the appropriate tools to support you on your continued journey!

As part of our coaching work, we can also offer tailored cleanse plans to aid your health journey. Click here for more information.

Coaching appointments cost £80.


To book an appointment, please use the contact button below. If you are interested in working with us but have some questions you'd like to ask first, feel free to also contact us to discuss before booking your first appointment. We are happy to set up a free first consultation to have an initial chat about your needs prior to booking, so you can decide whether we are the best people to support you. Appointments are also available over a video call.

Disclaimer: Coaching is based on our combined training, education and experiences in a variety of disciplines. Coaching is intended as guidance on your health and well-being journey, which you can opt into should you wish, and not as a replacement for medical attention, medical advice, medical treatment, or as a substitute for discussions with any medical professional. Receipt of coaching services is subject to your signature on a consent form.