Cleanse Plans

A significant proportion of your body's energy goes into keeping your digestive system running smoothly. But when your digestive system is overwhelmed with unhealthy food habits, undetected food intolerance, gut parasites and inflammation, the amount of energy that goes into digestion increases. This means that the amount of energy being directed to the rest of your body can be hugely compromised. And this is where all sorts of unpleasant symptoms, ailments and diseases begin to show.

Cleansing with nutritious, organic, high-alkaline superfood juices is one way to give your digestive system - and the rest of your body - the reset it may need. Cleansing, or intermittent fasting, is an ancient practice which can help with the following:​

  • Improving digestion and overall gut health

  • Flushing toxins from, and improving the function of, various organs

  • Discovering any food intolerances which may be causing health issues

  • Reducing acidity and inflammation in the body, which are linked to various diseases such as cancer

  • Alleviating the impact of chronic health conditions

  • Reversing DNA damage

  • Reducing body fat

  • Building muscle

  • Improving the body's detoxification health and lympathic system

  • Improving hormone function

  • Alleviating food addictions and intense cravings

  • Improving energy levels, brain function and general emotional well-being

We will take you through a health assessment in order to design a personalised cleanse plan for 10-40 days, depending on your needs. We will then personally mix and supply you with a blend for your juices to last the duration of your cleanse, plus guidance materials on how to complete the cleanse, such as schedule suggestions, serving guidelines and recipes for your cleanse meals. You will also have our ongoing support from start to finish. 

All ingredients in our blend formulas are organic and/or GMO and preservative-free. Most ingredients are vegan and the formula can be tailored to be vegan-friendly. 

Prices vary depending on the length of time your cleanse will last and the particular formula for your cleanse, so please get in touch if you want to discuss your options.

Disclaimer: Cleanses are based on our combined training, education and experiences in both holistic nutrition and fasting. They are formulated specifically by us, on an individual basis, with your health in mind. We are not affiliated with any network marketing companies, weight loss schemes or other companies. Cleanse plans are intended as guidance on your health and well-being journey, which you can opt into should you wish, and not as a "quick fix" or replacement for medical attention, medical advice, medical treatment, or as a substitute for discussions with any medical professional. Receipt of a cleanse pack is subject to your signature on a consent form.